MODERN ART | What is it and why decorate with it..?

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What Classifies a Piece as 'Modern Art'

Modern art typically refers to an artist's work that deviates from the norm by employing more of an abstract style. A modern painter, like Picasso in his time, takes a step away from the traditional style to bring out a unique work of art that perhaps more accurately represents the emotion that he or she wishes to express. More often than not, a modern wall painting will leave interpretation to the viewer.

Why Choose Modern Artwork for My Wall?

There are several reasons why the modern or contemporary style paintings and decor have become increasingly popular among today's interior decorators and art collectors:

    1) Paint Colors - modern wall artwork can vary from a monochrome/minimalist black and white pattern to a richly colored painting featuring several bright accent colors. For this reason, it is easy for a designer to find modern paintings that fit the theme of the wall or the room they are decorating.
    2) Shapes and Designs - many modern artists use geometric shapes and designs in their work (like Cubism). Using shapes in your artwork allows the viewer to connect with something familiar. The geometric patterns in a wall painting can also compliment the other decor of the room (like arcs or rings in a painting repeating a circular pattern in a rug, for example).
    3) Emotion in the Art - modern art work represents a free-spirited expression from the artist, which is a core value that most of us cherish. The freedom from boundaries allows the artist to paint or create without any restrictions forcing his/her hand.

    4) Timeless Investment - unlike traditional decor that comes and goes, many midcentury-modern, post-modern, pop art and contemporary art styles and designs have been popular for 50 to 100 years already, and only building steam

So why do we choose to adorn our walls with modern paintings and other works of art? The freedom of expression, along with the ability to make a bold statement while still managing to align your artwork beautifully with the theme and the surrounding decor of a room.

At, we work to facilitate that by providing our modern art in a wide variety of formats, mediums and price points. We represent several painters who sell original works directly, and we also offer various forms of canvas, acrylic and metal prints to hit lower price points and bulk opportunities. Nowhere else will you find such impressive modern wall art that meets both the expectations and the budget of the most talented modern home/office decorators.

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