Modern Table Lamps

Modern Table Lamp | The Cornet by Modern CrowdIntroducing the latest addition to the contemporary decor line from Modern Crowd. Each of these unique lamp body and shade combinations has been artisan-designed and hand-selected by our team to introduce a functional modern accent into your space. It was a natural progression; lamps, light fixtures, clocks and artwork are the core components to a living room or bedroom makeover, so as we continued to develop our line of art and clocks we began looking for contemporary table lamps that would compliment our other work.

Effective lighting is absolutely critical for a number of reasons; in addition to opening up your space by illuminating the darker nooks and crannies, it similarly helps to open the mind and refresh the soul. Prominent table lamps will compliment your overhead lights to improve the aesthetics of the decor and furniture in your room, and in addition to their functionality they can act as a gorgeous accent piece in their own right.

More than Just a Table Lamp...

When it comes to home decor and decorative accents, table lamps are an obvious staple. As such, the market has been overwhelmed with options, many of which have been designed with a more simplistic, generic style to appeal to the widest number of people. Our approach is different. We limit our options to only the lamps that we can see ourselves using as a statement, themed, or accent piece.

So how do we do it? Well our expertise lies in modern urban spaces, which often times incorporates contemporary, industrial, minimalist, midcentury, or eclectic decorating styles. When we began brainstorming lamp ideas and putting together this line of modern table lamps, we had those exact types of settings in mind.

So, whether you are a professional interior designer or an every day DIY-er, we hope our latest line of modern table lamps gives your space a welcomed burst of light and an added spark of contemporary appeal...