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HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY - Bulk, durable & secure; digital renderings provided.

Typically when we work with hotel decorators they need a large quantity of an item at a very specific price point. We offer extremely competitive pricing, particularly in large quantities - even though our artwork is Made in the USA, often times we are able to compete with China on pricing when we combine our efficiency, aggressively-negotiated material costs, and dramatically reduced transportation/shipping/freight charges. 

We do have our own in-house HD printing capabilities that allow us to produce beautiful giclée prints on limitless mediums, including metal, canvas, acrylic, wood and other substrates. We also offer an optional hand-embellished, textured varnish finish for an ultra high-end appearance. We have helped decorate several of the top hotel chains in the US, including several JW Marriott and Holiday Inn locations, as well as international hotels and upscale resorts in Ibiza Spain, Paris France, Dubai UAE, and more.

We know durability is a major factor in the hospitality industry, as we have heard from our corporate art consultants. Our easy-to-clean metal art in particular solves the issue of punctured, ripped or dirty canvases, and we have security bracket options to "lock" the artwork on the wall. 

Finally, we are able to Photoshop digital renderings if you are still working on approval of the room decor, giving you a perfect visual to help make your final decision.

Super durable bedroom art

High-end lodge & lobby decor

Bulk quantities, low price options

Fully-customizable canvases