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Urban Fawn | Contemporary Deer Art on Metal

About This Piece:

  • Size: 32x22inches
  • Medium: Metal giclee
  • Finish: Satin-Matte
  • Colors: Violet, Purple, Gold, Brown, Tan, White
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    Item #: BJ0002
    Our 'Urban Fawn' design is a contemporary landscape/nature themed concept created by superbly talented digital graphic artist Ben Judd, and printed in vibrant colors and ultimate clarity with UV cured acrylic inks on a durable metal substrate. Ben has a very unique set of skills, with the ability to create both abstract and hyper-realism artwork digitally using a stylus and drawing pad. This piece in particular incorporates gorgeous hues of purple, pink and gold, with the curious yet alert young fawn in traditional brown with white spots. The vast, streaking colors create a lovely sunset vibe, and although subtle silhouettes of tees and branches appear behind the deer the artwork has a very contemporary, urban essence to it. This modern style is uncommon to the deer and nature theme, traditionally portrayed in rustic, earthy paintings and Decor. The subject could work brilliantly in a modern cabin or contemporary lodge, and the artistic coloring and style lend the artwork well to an urban home or office space also.
    • 100% Made in USA
    • Lightweight metal giclee
    • UV cured colors to minimize fading
    • Hangs easily on nails, screws or hooks
    • Custom size, colors or quantities available upon request