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ELEPHANT SAVANNA | 32x22 in. Metal Animal Print

About This Piece:

  • Size: 32x22inches
  • Medium: Metal giclee
  • Finish: Medium-Gloss Eggshell White, Satin-Matte Inks
  • Colors: White, Black, Grey
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    Our 'Elephant Savanna' is one of several African wildlife themed contemporary metal giclee prints. In an effort to capture the difficult terrain and rustic essence of the animal's natural habitat in a contemporary light, we have taken a gorgeously enhanced photograph of the African savanna and framed it in the silhouette of a massive lumbering elephant. The surface of the artwork features a crisp, clean finish with a lightly textured shift between a semi-gloss eggshell on the white backdrop and a satin matte finish on the black and grey acrylic inks. However rare it may be to see this beloved creature in the wild, we can all appreciate the iconic trunk and ivory, seemingly playful swaying walk, and large, wide shape of the animal. With rugged Acacia Trees and towering mountain range visible through the elephant's silhouette, this modern landscape artwork is a subtle reminder of the global efforts needed to keep our elephants in their natural habitat and let Mother Nature flourish. A modern alternative to traditional taxidermy.
    • 100% Made in USA
    • Lightweight metal giclee
    • UV cured colors to minimize fading
    • Hangs easily on nails, screws or hooks
    • Custom size, colors or quantities available upon request