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Replacement Clock Motor & Hands Set | Continuous-Sweep, High-Torque Mini Quartz Movement (Mid-Century Style Hands)

About This Piece:

  • DIY or Replacement Clock Kit
  • Continuous Sweep (Non-Ticking) Motor
  • Includes Hand Set (Hour, Minute & Second)
  • High-Torque Motor
  • Includes Metal Hanging Clip
  • Requires 1 AA Battery (not included)
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    Item #: AC0001-MCM


    This is our standard clock motor and hands kit that we use on all of our wall and mantle clocks, and is generic enough to work with most other clock brands as well. It includes a set of corresponding Midcentury/MCM style hands, offered in our unique blend of colors. Note that we offer this in both our Mid-Century (Broad) and Modern (Narrow) hand styles.

    This clock kit includes a silent continuous-sweep movement, which means the clock hands move smoothly without any ticking noise. The high torque motor ensures accurate time even with heavier hands; it can support our standard 4-5" clock hands, our oversized 7" hands, and even larger custom hands if needed. It is powered by a single AA battery (not included.)

    If you are buying this as a replacement motor for one of our existing clocks and you still have the original hands, we will still include a new set of hands with each motor just in case your old hands don't fit perfectly or they get bent or broken as you are replacing the motor.

    Please Note: This motor and hand set will work with just about any clock body (just needs a face with a hole!) so it can be used on other brands or DIY clock projects, for all you handy Do-It-Yourselfers out there!

    (Also Available in Modern/Narrow Hand Style)


    • For Clock Faces Up to 3/8" Thick
    • Requires Approx. 5/16" Hole
    • High Torque Motor Accommodates Oversized Hands
    • Metal Clip Hangs from Nail, Screw, Hook, etc
    • Requires 1 AA Battery (not included)


    • Hour: 3-7/16" Overall | 2-7/16" from Center
    • Minute: 5-1/8" Overall | 4-1/8" from Center
    • Second: 3-1/8" Overall | 3" from Center


    • Second hand snaps on/off
    • Screw/nut for minute hand
    • Hour hand fits snug over shaped rod
    • Small nut behind hands at the base of the rod that holds the motor in place. Unscrew that (fingertips, wrench or pliers) then the motor and rod can slide in/out through hole in any clock face
    • Note: The hands are made from thin aluminum, so if you accidentally bend them they are very easy to straighten out or bend back in place with gentle pressure.