Modern Design Tips | Ideas & Tips for Ultra-Mod Interior Designers

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Modern Interior Design Tips

by Eric Waddington

Modern design is generally very clean, and often times minimalistic in appearance. Clean lines, abrupt edges, occasional accent colors - many people assume that such design work is easy to do. However, finding the right balance between modern style, ergonomic designs and functional elements can be quite difficult. Interior design can

often times be more difficult to implement than the house project itself.

Anybody can buy furniture, modern art, and random décor and assemble it together in an open space. Anyone can select colors and lighting fixtures. However, very few do it well. These modern design tips should help point you in the right direction.

Modern Shapes and Colors

If you are brave enough to take the plunge and decorate your home with truly modern furniture and décor, then you should pay attention to the unconventional shapes and bright accent colors frequently used in modern design. You will see splashes of red, purple, yellow, orange or even lime green in rooms otherwise slated with grey, white, and/or black palettes.

A nice, somewhat recent trend is to merge steel and wood together in your modern design - that gives it a more industrial feel. The steel and wood compliment each other nicely and create a warm feeling throughout the house. Try steel art on a wall with wood floors. The right combination of these modern elements, such as cedar siding, white plaster and colored accent panels, will create a crisp, clean palette perfect for modern design.

Young professionals tend to love modern interior design because it generates a trendy, upscale vibe and they can easily keep the space clean and organized. The minimal amounts of furniture and the attractive color combinations create a wonderful, professional appeal. Adding a green rug to a clean black and white interior can add a bold spark as it contrasts with the otherwise mundane space and really bring the room together.

Modern Design Accent Pieces

White and black go great together in modern design, however it is imperative that you add a third color. Go with a bright color, like those mentioned previously (reds, purples, yellows, oranges, greens) and find clever ways to incorporate it through accent pieces: throw pillows, vases, bowls, sculptures, wall décor, accent walls (painted) or even wall paper. The possibilities are endless. Find something you love, trust your instincts, but do not be afraid to test the modern design waters and cross into new territory! Test your own boundaries as you search for great accent pieces, and watch as the modern space welcomes a splash of fresh, bright color distributed throughout with various accent pieces.

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