Metal Art as Conversation Piece | Get the Girl or Guy at the Party ;)

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Metal Wall Art - The Ultimate Party Backdrop

by Eric Waddington

All too often you see one who may be the girl of your dreams at a party, but some combination of unsuccessful conversation, failed flirting, or an otherwise unmemorable meeting leave you standing dejected and defeated as you sadly catch her eyes one last time, as she looks right at you and bolts...*

Now, I'm not going to tell you that buying metal art is going to magically transform you into a ladies man, however I do want to paint a picture for you (no pun intended) about how these events may have played out differently...

The human mind interprets imagines exponentially faster and more effectively than words. If you want her to remember you, make the conversation more than just words. Make it visual and meaningful. Discussing abstract art is perhaps the easiest path to a well-cultured, honest and ultimately productive and enjoyable conversation. I cite abstract specifically because the meaning is up for interpretation - aka, you can simply discuss whatever comes to mind as you view it - you will never be 'wrong' and you certainly do not need to be an expert in the arts.

You enjoy a simple, unforced conversation about the modern metal art on the wall behind you. She appreciates a unique conversation about something other than the overused topics of where we're from and what we like to do for fun. You get her name, maybe her number (Heaven knows getting the number alone doesn't guarantee a thing.) Just as she looks back before turning to leave, she is sent with a lasting impression of her could-be knight-in-shining armor, bolding standing in front of a heroic starburst backdrop from a metal wall art panel. Like something out of a movie, the metal art will radiate platinum beams of light on all sides, as your powerful silhouette leaves her longing for another meeting...

Burn that image in her mind, and perhaps Fate (with a little help from your abstract metal art) will ensure a second meeting.

*Thanks to The Airborne Toxic Event for inspiring the direction of this article!

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