Large Format Printing - Any Size, Any Quantity - We specialize in unique mediums.

In 2015, Modern Crowd welcomed in the newest member of our fabrication family when we purchased a brand new Canon Oce Arizona large format flatbed printer.  It uses a UV-cured process and is a true flatbed with a vacuum table (so the print head travels while the media remains perfectly stationary rather than being fed through the machine, ensuring the absolutely highest clarity.)  

Our printer is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to artistic and commercial printing - it allows us to print on mediums up to nearly 2 inches thick and single panels up to 8 feet by 4 feet, and it uses thick acrylic inks that can be built up and layered to essential paint the image onto the surface at up to 1200dpi (dots per inch.)  In 2015 it won the Product of the Year Award at SGIA (the biggest print/imaging expo in the US) for the EIGHTH consecutive year, so needless to say we are very proud of our little baby! 

What are our capabilities..?

  • Size: We can print individual panels up to 8'x4', and we can span an image across multiple panels to create an overall display in limitless sizes.  We also have access to a facility with a 10'x8' printing bed if needed.
  • Quantity: Depending on the material, size and detail of a given print job, our large format flatbed printer can produce several hundred pieces per day in a typical work day, and we have other printing techniques that allow us to produce thousands of pieces in a week as well.
  • Graphic Design: We offer in-house graphic design work to help generate, customize and format your imagery as needed to make sure you get the best quality image output for your print project.

What can we print on..?

  • Metal Giclée Prints: Obviously a huge focus of ours is printing on steel and aluminum.  Whether it be a wall art print or a logo sign for businesses, printing on metal is what really kicked this off for us.  We can print transparent colors over swirl patterns in the metal to give a metallic and holographic effect, or we can print opaque colors to give a super vibrant, crisp display, and in Reverse-Print Acrylic/Plexiglas Artboth cases we can top it off with a glossy automotive finish to give it that spectacular "new car" finish that can really only be achieved with metal art.  We call these ultra high resolution prints our "metal giclées."
  • Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Giclées: Since we can print on media up to nearly 2" thick, we are able to print on gallery-wrapped canvases with internal wood frames, all stretched and ready to hang.  With our ultra high definition printing capabilities we are able to produce spectacular giclée prints on canvas.
  • Dibond Prints: Similar to metal prints, but rather than solid metal Dibond® is two very thin sheets of aluminum sandwiching a layer of dense plastic, created an ultra rigid panel with the visual aesthetics of a metal print, but lighter weight and lower priced.
  • Reverse-Print on Plexiglas/Acrylic: (see example at right) We can print on the backside of acrylic sheets so give the artwork some very interesting depth, a clean finish, and a naturally thick protective surface.  This style of large format printing has also been popular for both wall art and business signage.
  • Wood Prints: We can print on fairly thick wood panels with very nice coloring and coverage.  This is a great way to incorporate some natural elements, surface texture, and rustic style to an art or sign display. 

In summary, our top of the line Canon Oce Arizona large format printer allows us to customize all of our own designs upon request, specialize in unique mediums, and open up our printing services at extremely competitive rates for commercial, corporate, hospitality, and large scale residential installations.

Please feel free to  contact us for a quote.

Large Format Flatbed Printer

That's our baby! We can print on just about anything, any size, any quantity...

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