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Perhaps the most timeless subject in art is the landscape, which has been used throughout history for both artistic expression as well as scientific research, documentation, mapping, and educational purposes. Our landscape collection features a variety of horizons, trees, mountains, rivers, suns, skies & clouds in a variety of natural settings.

Our landscape collection includes our largest variety of contributing designers, with artists and photographers from all over the world included. This gives us a unique view into horizons and nature scenes that we may never have seen before. Although the landscape subject may suggest a traditional style, we try to find scense that have contemporary appeal, with coastlines, forests, great plains, countrysides, diverging paths, leafy and winter trees, lakes, sunsets, clouds, oceans, plants and more, each with an artistic flair.

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Twilight - Moonlight Tree Abstract Wall Art
Twilight - Large Indoor/Outdoor Modern Metal Wall Art
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Metal Art Studio Item #: L0022 -

    Twilight is a modern landscape piece with a clever blend of cool blues and soft browns in a bold abstract tree scene. The prominent arbor design gives this piece gentle character to balance the abstract flair of the circular moonbeams. The metal panel features a subtle random grind pattern on the surface, with crisp modern coloring in browns and shades of blue: light blue, royal blue, midnight blue, etc. The comfortable cool tones and abstract tree design are backed by an artistic full moon...

    Golden Seasons - Sunset Landscape Abstract Art
    Golden Seasons - Large Indoor/Outdoor Modern Metal Wall Art
    Price: $116.00
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    Metal Art Studio Item #: L0021 -

      Golden Seasons is a funky twist on an landscape scene - it is a warm yet bold introduction into any contemporary home or office space. This Autumn-colored piece features a subtle grind pattern on the surface of the metal, with crisp abstract coloring of Red, Orange and Gold, nicely contrasted by the natural metal as well. The fiery warm tones and sleek threesome of tree silhouettes are so exciting and enticing, and they are backed by a creative sunrise on the horizon - like the hot summer days...