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How to Hang Metal Wall Art

FOLD-OUT BRACKETS: Much of the metal art we feature requires welded brackets (rather than attached with an industrial adhesive) so it can withstand the heat of the powder coat baking oven. These brackets have little sawtooth hangers and look like metal tabs around all of the edges of the artwork. If that is what you are seeing on the back of your panel, here are some tips for wall-mounting the art:

Note: There should have been a paper leaflet with a little diagram in the plastic sleeve with the artwork. If so, follow those instructions! If not, here is a descriptive summary:

  1. Stand the artwork up on it's edge so the brackets are facing you and the image is upright, like it will be on your wall.
  2. You should be looking "eye to eye" with the brackets. You will see a sawtooth cutout at the top of each bracket, two slots, and at the base you will be able to tell where they are welded to the back of the artwork.
  3. All you need to do is fold the brackets out toward you at a 90ยบ angle at each of the two slots. It doesn't really matter which fold you do first, you will just bend it toward you once, then bend it down at the other slot, so it makes an upside-down J shape. Do that to each of the brackets along the top, and then do the same thing to the brackets at the bottom (you can flip the artwork upside down to make it easier.)
  4. Note: the top brackets will now create a lip that you hang over a zbar or from nails, screws or hooks. The bottom brackets are simply spacers that cause the artwork to "float" evenly off the wall. The brackets on the two edges can be left flat, they would only come into play if you wanted to hang the artwork vertically rather than horizontally.

J-BRACKETS or U-BRACKETS: Follow the diagram to the right. 

How to Hang Canvas Paintings and/or Wooden Wall Art

GALLERY-WRAPPED CANVAS: Most of our canvases will be gallery-wrapped around a wood frame. These will hang easily on a nail, screw or hook. You can choose to just center one to hang the canvas from, or you can use two for added security and stability, however I would recommend using a level to make sure the canvas hangs evenly. Most canvases are lightweight, however if you have a large canvas it is always good to use a drywall screw, hitting a stud, or using the appropriate picture hook (like a MonkeyHook) to prevent it from sagging and falling off the wall.

PICTURE WIRE: Occasionally we will use picture wire on the back of the artwork (sometimes with our wooden art.) This is easy to identify; it is typically a metallic/silver colored wire that spans from one edge to the other across the back. This will also hang easily from a single or multiple nails, screws or hooks. Once again, please make sure to use the appropriate hanger to handle the weight.

LOOPS or EYELETS: Once in a while we will attach loops or eyelets to the back of the artwork. Once again, these can hang from nails, screws or hooks. The easiest way to mount your artwork with this method is to get a tape measure and record the precise distance between the two loops. Then take a pencil and make two marks on your wall the same distance apart, using a level to make sure they are even. I also recommend measuring the distance from the top of the artwork to the top of the loops (usually will only be a couple of inches) because you should note that the dots you make on the wall is where the loops will align, but the top of the artwork will be a few inches higher.

PLEASE NOTE: If you come across any other hanging hardware or if you have unusual circumstances, please feel free to email us for more tips and information tailored to your unique situation. Thanks, and enjoy your new wall art!