Low-Cost Modern Art Options: High Quality, Cheap Prices

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Affordable Artwork: Inexpensive, Just Not "Cheap"

Hand-Painted "Original Multiples" and Printed Reproductions for Sale
When you're shopping for inexpensive modern paintings online or in an art gallery, there are several types to consider:

  1. One of a Kind Originals - this is just as it sounds; an original piece of hand-crafted art that might be so unique or technical that even the original artist might have a difficult time recreating it (or might be unwilling to do so) making it truly One of a Kind. 
  2. Originals - this is a well-known term referring to an original piece of hand-crafted art. However the line does start to grey a bit...
  3. Original Multiples - if an artist has a popular design, they may choose to closely recreate it multiple times.  As long as the actual artist is still hand-painting or hand-crafting each one, they will obviously have minor differences (no matter how precise the artist is) and are all still considered an "Original," however sometimes in the art world we may refer to these paintings or sculptures as "Original Multiples."  Depending on the artist, these may sell for cheaper or just as much as any other original painting or artworks.
  4. Handcrafted Reproductions - it is not uncommon for "unknown" artists to hand paint popular images or scenes multiple times to offer a true hand painted piece of art, but in more of a bulk-produced reproduction style to allow them to sell at cheap prices.  Sometimes this is taken to the extreme and set up in assembly line fashion!  This is a great way to get all of the texture, materials, and personality of an original piece of art, but at a fraction of the price. Although still 100% hand-painted, reproductions will always be priced cheap compared to the originals.
  5. Prints - another common term in the industry, this is when an artist allows their design to be scanned or photographed in high definition and printed onto another substrate (like canvas, paper, metal, acrylic, etc.)  Note that there are MANY different types of prints with varying levels of quality, such as hand-embellished giclees, standard giclees, lithographs, digital prints, paper prints, etc.  Even within each of those types there are many tiers of quality, so do your research before committing!

For avid art fans, high end decorators, art collectors and galleries, these are all very important distinctions.  For much of the general population the most important thing is the modern style and appropriate design needed to accent the room at an affordable price. So as long as the quality is there, the cheap, sale prices allow them to do that with a reproduced or printed modern painting but on a much more affordable budget.

Keep your eyes peeled for a sale! We try to run various sales on our paintings, prints and sculptures throughout the year to accommodate cheap/conservative budgets. Join our newsletter for special deals on our artwork. Inexpensive already, our sale pricing makes our modern paintings fit even the most modest of budgets.

In-house Canvas Framing & Stretching
All of our modern paintings are professionally stretched on stretcher board (called a 'Gallery Wrap') and packaged by our gallery staff.  Our metal art prints are designed and fabricated in house.  Even our original art is represented directly by the corresponding artist.  Keeping our processes local again allows us to maintain cheap prices while only increasing the quality of the modern art we create.

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