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High-End Personalized Custom Photo Prints on Artisan-Brushed Metal

  • Size: 12x12, 22x22 or 32x22
  • Placement: Indoor/Outdoor (comes ready to hang)
  • Finish: Artisan-Sanded Silver or Pure White
  • Personalize: Send us any high-resolution pic
  • Touch-Ups: We can do minor touch-ups and enhancements
Price: $255.00
    Please Note: this product requires YOU to send US your own high-resolution digital photograph after purchasing. The larger the print, the higher-resolution the photo should be for a clear print. Type "YES" to confirm that you understand this: *
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    What do I get?

    Send us any high-resolution photo (family portrait, wedding, baby, pet, landscape, etc) and we will optimize it, enhance it, and format it for our ultra-high resolution print application. Choose between our artisan-sanded aluminum with a metallic, brushed finish, or our our crisp and clean white aluminum with a vibrant, semi-gloss finish. With our sanded metal option we print with semi-transparent inks so you will see a subtle brushed texture with a bit of a metallic glint throughout the surface, any white areas of your photo will be more of a silver hue. The picture will be very light-receptive as well, so the brighter the light, the more vibrant the finish. With our white metal option your colors will be true-to-life, bright and vibrant, with more of a satin-matte finish that is versatile for any situation.(See examples of both finish options in our listing photos.)

    Why is it better?

    Most metal photo prints are done with an image-transfer process where the photo is printed onto paper and then pressed onto the metal. We, on the other hand, use a massive flatbed printer with a vacuum table and instantaneous UV-cured acrylic inks. That means we lay the metal panel directly onto the 8' x 4' print bed and the printer heads spray the colors directly onto the surface of the perfectly-stationary metal. This allows us to reach accuracy and resolution clarity at absolutely unprecedented levels.

    Also, all of our prints (including the hanging hardware) are suitable for Ôªøindoor/outdoorÔªø placement and will hold up great even in inclement weather and direct sunlight. So even indoors, they are ultra durable and very easy to clean, unlike canvas, paper, or lower-quality metal prints.

    How do I hang it?

    Each metal print will have a sawtooth metal bracket on the back along with two foam spacers in the corner. This allows you to hang it from any nail, screw, hook or rail, and the artwork will appear to float about 1/2" off your wall.

    Can I frame it?

    The photo print itself will be on rigid 1/16" thick metal so you do not need to frame it, however most standard picture frames (if cut to the right size) will fit just fine as the brackets and spacers are set back from the edges on the back of the panel.