Defining 'Contemporary' Style in Metal Art

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Defining 'Contemporary' Style

Contemporary: Bridging the Gap
By definition, the term 'Contemporary Art' primarily refers to the post WWII era in which it was created. However, contemporary art has also come to represent a current style of artwork, whether it be metal, canvas or even sculpted art. Typically a contemporary art piece will have somewhat simplistic shapes combined with unique designs and layouts. Accent colors and progressive subjects might be used - not as bold as an abstract, contemporary tends to settle in somewhere in the gaps between modern, abstract and traditional.

Contemporary Metal Wall Art

Our contemporary metal wall art (particularly our handmade line by 'Helena Martin') uses the artist's mastery of metal grinding techniques to create beautiful, unique designs ideal for any modern or urban style room. Designs may include swirl, wavy, rippled, cloudy, geometric, and creative grind patterns, along with unique designs, experimental textures, creative variety, and high end finishes. Some designs are created from a single, flat metal panel, while others are formed with layered panels or a multiple cut panel. Soft clean lines and rounded geometric shapes are commonly used to create contemporary wall art.

Contemporary Colors and Finishes
The clean silver and/or crisp accent color schemes and high-end finishes carry on the contemporary style reflected in the designs and panel layout. We have perfected the various techniques of coloring metal and can create any number of color combinations to match any color preference, home interior, corporate branding, or surrounding decor. Often times we are contacted by professional decorators with requests to create a custom wall art design or standing sculpture for a client with with a color swatch or textile that they need it to match. We are always more than happy to accommodate such a request.

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