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Buying Modern Art Online...

Debating whether or not to buy your modern art online rather than in the store? Believe me, you are not the only one. At Modern Crowd we understand that the decision to buy art, sculptures, clocks and decor online is not always an easy one. It can be difficult to appreciate the quality, detail and texture of a painting with only a photograph to judge. Sometimes the size itself is hard to gauge without holding it in your hands. With that in mind, we try to make ourselves accessible and offer as much information as possible to our potential clients so that when they find our modern art for sale they feel comfortable placing their order online because they trust the quality of our work and know the values that we stand for as a company. 

Modern Crowd's Commitment to Quality

All of the artwork and decor represented here is either painted or crafted in house, designed in house and manufactured locally in the USA, or designed and crafted by a carefully selected partner. We take great measures to try to ensure accurate and high quality photography so that all work is represented properly. We try to make sure our clients enjoy all of the true colors, textures and emotion that can be expected from an original painting, even in our high definition prints.

We take pride in the product and services that we offer, and we commit to ensure that every client that we work with has a positive experience with us. Even the digital metal art prints are based on original graphic designs from our own artists, or they are high-definition photographs of hand-painted designs on canvas, which are then digitally converted and applied to a metal substrate with vibrant colors and a glossy finish.

We want every client who meets with us (online, over the phone, or in person) to feel comfortable enough to buy from our art gallery, but we do not want to stop at the sale. We want them to proudly display their new decor, signs or furniture and spread the word the their friends and families. In fact, if you do refer another and they buy from us as well as well, please notify us and we will arrange a special sale price for you on any future art that you order from us as a token of our appreciation.

- Nicholas Yust & Eric Waddington | Modern Crowd Inc