Abstract Paintings for Sale Online

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Abstract Art for Sale

The majority of the paintings for sale here in our online gallery would be classified as abstract or modern. Sometimes those two genres may seem to overlap as art in both categories share similar traits, however for arguments sake we will refer to our paintings as 'abstract.' The bold colors and unique styles of our hand-painted art definitely qualifies it as such.

If you are looking to simply add an accent to a wall, or even to decorate your entire home, abstract paintings would be an instant conversation-starter. However, before you buy your abstract art online, make sure that the paintings you are getting will meet your expectations of quality. Most abstract art for sale online is a print or a giclee rather than a hand-painted painting. Rather than employing an artist to buy from directly, retailers will simply buy the rights to reprint an abstract painting and they will print it out on paper or on a canvas and put it up for sale. Here at Modern Crowd we have chosen to go directly to the artists and work with them to paint their abstract designs 'on-demand.'

Buy Abstract Paintings 'On-Demand'

So what does it mean to buy your abstract art online, 'on-demand'..? Basically, the artists that we work with are willing to re-paint the same paintings multiple times in whatever size the client needs.  Another word for this is 'original multiples' or more commonly, 'made-to-order.' This allows anyone who visits our gallery to buy their abstract art online with the comfort and assurance that they are getting hand-painted art and not a cheap printed copy.

Paintings that are hand-painted are vibrant, rich, emotional, and full of life and texture. Abstract paintings, specifically, rely so much on the emotion and spontaneity of the painter, much of which can be lost in a cheap print. However, since our artists are re-painting the same art, you are able to buy the abstract paintings online at a much lower price than an original painting.

Abstract Paintings for Sale

You will notice when you click on any painting that there are typically 2 default sizes to choose from. If there is an abstract painting that you would like to buy from our online gallery but we do not have it for sale in your desired dimensions, please feel free to contact us and we can try to make special arrangements with the artists to create the painting to your specifications and price it out accordingly.

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