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Wholesale & Bulk Buyers are Welcomed.

Matt Tibbe (right)
Account Manager, Modern Crowd

Since all of our artwork, decor and furniture is either made in-house under our own brands, or by artists and craftsman that we represent exclusively, we are able to accommodate wholesale pricing to members of the trade, or general discounted pricing for bulk quantity orders.  Contact us with the details of what you need (keeping in mind that everything is also fully customizable) and we will work out pricing for you accordingly.

For more information on vendor partnerships or other bulk/wholesale purchasing inquiries, please contact our Account Manager Matt Tibbe, at

ART PROCUREMENT, INTERIOR DESIGNERS - We will work with your budget.
If you are a decorator or an art procurer, we understand that your project budgets may vary widely from one client to the next, and the artwork that you choose has to fit your size, style, color palette, and price requirements.  All of our work can be custom tailored to meet your requirements, and of course we have both hand-crafted originals and printed designs to accommodate the taste and budget of your project.  We try to price competitively to make sure your margins are also where they need to be in order for your project to be profitable.

FINE ART GALLERIES - Original fine art, with exclusivity and payment terms.
Nicholas Yust is the co-owner of Modern Crowd Inc.  He is a contemporary metal artist and sculptor with his hand-crafted fine metal art on display in over 40 countries.  He participates in several of the top art shows in the country, including the curated Art Basel in Miami, Art Expo New York, and American Craft Council shows in Baltimore, Atlanta and Minneapolis.  His original metal art creates a spectacular presentation, and sells extremely well both online and in person.  He is able to recreate his most popular designs ("original multiples") or offer exclusive or modified designs to ensure your gallery has unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  He offers industry-standard gallery pricing, and flexible payment terms once a relationship has been established.

HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY - Bulk, durable & secure; digital renderings provided.
Typically when we work with hotel decorators they need a large quantity of an item at a very specific price point.  We offer extremely competitive pricing, particularly in large quantities - even though our artwork is Made in the USA, often times we are able to compete with China on pricing when we combine our efficiency, aggressively-negotiated material costs, and dramatically reduced transportation/shipping/freight charges.  Our easy-to-clean metal art in particular solves the issue of punctured, ripped or dirty canvases, and we have security bracket options to "lock" the artwork on the wall.  Finally, we are able to Photoshop digital renderings if you are still working on approval of the room decor.

RESTAURANTS, BUSINESSES - Fast turnaround, various finishes, trade pricing.
Restaurants, night clubs and business typically are not looking for the same quantities as a hotel, however they tend to have similar requirements.  We offer very competitive wholesale pricing, particularly if you are able to display a small plaque near the artwork with our name and information - the potential referral business helps justify the reduced pricing.  We also understand that the first impression, ambiance and visual display is critical for the success of your business, so we can work with tight turnaround times (even on original art.)  We offer various finishes (high gloss, matte, natural, etc) to accommodate your unique lighting scenario, and we can even build illuminated or LED backlighting into your artwork for low-light installations.  

GENERAL PUBLIC - All of our artwork and services are available to you as well.
Obviously we sell our artwork directly to the general public as well, as you may gather from the standard shopping cart functionality of our website.  If you are just an average joe looking for a single piece of art, by all means we would love to work with you!  We are able to customize single unit orders as well, so if you have something very specific in mind just contact us for a quote.  We do offer quantity pricing as well, so if you are redecorating and have your eye on multiple pieces, please feel free to reach out to us for a discounted rate.