2016 Winner of our Scholarship Contest for Students of the Arts

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2016 ModernAbstractDecor.com Scholarship Contest Announcement

Thank you to those of you who submitted to our 2015/2016 scholarship contest, including those of our from the 2014/2015 class who got rolled over into this year's contest. We will be in touch with the winner(s) to submit your scholarship award through your school!

There were two submissions that stood out to us for different reasons, so due to a split decision in our jury, we will be splitting the $1,000 award between these two winners:

  1. $500 to Clara Kesti http://ckportraiture.tumblr.com/ - We love the niche market, the great examples, and the thought you have given to reach the prospective buyers in your market.
  2. $500 to Mariesa Mahoney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_my7TLr9gI - We enjoyed the personal, emotional perspective on how to be successful in this industry.

Thank you both for the time and energy you put into your submissions. We encourage you to continue working hard at everything you do, and we wish you the best of luck in your artistic endeavors.

Next year I would love to see more of an emphasis on the business side of this - how will you fund your idea, how will you grow your business, how will you reach profitability, who are your clients, how large is your market and what are their purchasing behaviors, etc. Imagine yourself on Shark Tank, impress us with your preparation and foresight!

Thank you all again, and keep up the creativity! See you next year...

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