Black & White Art - Minimalist, Monochromatic

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Black and White Abstract Art

Black and white abstract artwork combines the bold statements of abstract paintings with the simple, elegance of the clean blacks and crisp whites commonly used in abstract décor.  Also known as 'monochrome' or 'monochromatic,' black & white art has always been a staple of minimalist and modern decorating.

Adding contrast to a modern room will highlight the vivid accent colors. Many people choose to use their accent colors in the artwork, however the opposite can also be done: use a brightly colored wall with black and white artwork instead. In a very ultra modern or abstract setting the designer may choose to use strictly black and white for all of the décor in the room. In such cases, a nice black and white canvas painting is a perfect fit.

Stunning Black and White Abstract Artwork

Whether it be a black and white photograph or a black and white canvas painting, such wall art has become a staple in modern and abstract decorating. Often times considered ‘minimalist’ in style, or referred to as ‘partial color,’ black and white art continues to win accolades around the world for the simple, elegant style. Like a sharp tuxedo or a majestic grand piano, black and white abstract artwork commands attention and respect.

Black & White Abstract Paintings | Lines, Shapes, Shading

In accord with other styles of abstract wall art, black and white abstract artwork takes advantage of lines, shapes and especially shading. In fact, one could argue that these three elements are more important in black and white artwork than they are in colored art. In order to achieve the desired affects and necessary contrast in a black and white abstract painting, the artist must take advantage of these elements and master them. Finding the right balance between whites, blacks and greys is crucial to a successful black and white abstract canvas painting.

Black and White Art – The Ultimate in Neutrality

Perhaps the best part of any black and white abstract art is the neutrality of the canvas. A decorator can use a black and white painting with almost any other colors. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first time decorator, take advantage of the possibilities with black and white abstract artwork in your next project. Use other décor (pictures, vases, bowls, pillows, blankets, rugs, painted walls, etc) to add your splashes of color. The results will be stunning!

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