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Wooden Art & Decor | Modern Woodworking by Adam Schwoeppe

Adam Schwoeppe - Custom Wooden Furniture & DecorAdam Schwoeppe is an exceptionally talented woodworker with a passion for contemporary-yet-functional furniture design, whom we at Modern Crowd are ecstatic to feature on our team. Although design, creativity and building have always been an integral part of his life, his true passion for the art of woodworking emerged while studying at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio.  Now, as a full time custom woodworker, he has been contracted by some of the largest companies in Ohio (including Procter & Gamble and the Cincinnati Reds!) to create high-end custom wooden furniture and decor. 

With metal, canvas, graphic, and visual artists and sculptors already embedded into our collection, we were so fortunate to come across Adam's incredible wood and acrylic designs, and partner with him to broaden our capabilities and introduce two new mediums, controlled by his exceptionally talented hands.  

Adam is a passionate designer and gifted artist, with the ability to visualize gorgeous creations within Mother Nature's raw materials, and create virtually anything out of wood.  Some of his most intriguing designs incorporate additional materials as well, with many of his pieces incorporating acrylic (plexiglas) and/or metal elements as well.

Soon after partnering with Modern Crowd, several of Adam Schwoeppe's designs and creations quickly rose to the top of our best sellers.  He is always experimenting with new styles, techniques and designs, with ideas and concepts regularly coming to life and joining our collection.  In addition to his contributions to our standard catalog, Adam is always available for custom commissions as well.

Please feel free to Contact Us for a quote on custom woodwork, custom furniture, or any other customizations in wood, acrylic/plexiglas, or metal.