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4" Metal Sawtooth Bracket & Spacer Set

About This Piece:

  • Metal panel not included
  • Includes 1 metal bracket & 2 black foam spacers
  • Sawtooth Bracket: 4"H x 4"W x 0.5"D overall
  • Foam Spacers: 1"H x 1"W x 0.5"D overall
  • Holds approx. 5 lbs per bracket
  • Use multiple brackets for heavier items, or drill/screw in place
  • See bulk pricing table below (contact us for larger quantities)
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    Item #: AC0003-4

    General Info: This is a custom bracketing system that we have designed and fabricated specifically for hanging metal and/or plexiglass art, but it can also be used for other similar applications. The set includes one (1) white aluminum sawtooth bracket with an industrial adhesive foam strip, and two (2) black foam spacers with an adhesive backer. Depending on how well it is attached to your item, it can support 5 lbs or more per bracket. As a rule of thumb, plan on up to 5 lbs per bracket (in other words, use 2 brackets for 10 lbs, 3 for 15 lbs, etc.)

    Wood (or similar) Items: You can also use this bracket to hang wooden items, however you will want to drill 4 holes toward the corners of the metal bracket and screw it onto the back of the wood item, as the adhesive will not hold securely to wood. Using this method, the brackets can hold exponentially more weight (depending on the type of wood, size of screw, etc) as you are no longer relying on the adhesive to hold the bracket in place.

    Placement: The sawtooth bracket should be applied toward the top on the back of the item to be hung, and it can hang from just about any nail, screw, hook, or cleat. The foam spacers are meant to be applied toward the bottom corners to allow the artwork to float evenly off the wall. If you are using just one bracket be sure to center it on the item you are hanging. If you are using multiple brackets you can be more flexible with where you position them, but be sure to line them up evenly to ensure your item is level when it hangs.

    Important Notes: The back of the item you are hanging must be flat, clean, and dry before sticking the bracket and spacers in place. Line the bracket up where you want it, then peel off the protective film and press it firmly in place. Do your best to line up the bracket evenly, as they are extremely difficult to remove after the adhesive is pressed. Since the foam spacers do not bear any weight, they are easier to remove.