2014 Winner of Our Students of the Arts Scholarship Contest!

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2014 ModernAbstractDecor.com Scholarship Contest Announcement

Thank you to those of you who submitted to our 2014 scholarship contest! Unfortunately we did not receive enough qualifying submissions to award the $1000 prize like we did last year, however there were a few of you who did have impressive elements to your submission, and I would like to acknowledge you here and let you know that your submission will be automatically included in our 2015/2016 contest:

  1. Clara Kesti http://ckportraiture.tumblr.com/ - Very talented, and I like that you are working within a niche market and have a plan to outperform the others in your space! One recommendation: in the examples of your work, show the side-by-side comparison to the original photo to illustrate the accuracy of your work.
  2. Chloe VanMeveren: http://chloevanmeveren.blogspot.com/ - I like that you are thinking outside the box, and adding a relevant, modern twist to a well-established market (photography/videography)
  3. Janett Salas: https://moderndayhippee.wordpress.com/2014/11/29/progressive-pictures/ - I also like that you are taking a broad market and narrowing it down to be more approachable and to focus on something that you are personally passionate about.

Next year I would love to see more attention to the business side of it - how will you fund your efforts, how will you grow, how will you ensure profitability, how large is your market and what are their purchasing behaviors, etc. For the three of you listed above, although not necessary for consideration, feel free to update your submissions accordingly to be more competitive in the upcoming contest!

Thank you all again, and keep up the creativity! See you next year...

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