Announcing the 2013 Winner of Our Scholarship Contest!

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2013 Scholarship Contest Announcement

Thank you all SO much for your submissions. It has been incredibly inspiring to read through your goals and aspirations. It was great to see your ambition and really feel your passion for your various forms of creative expression. The decision was not easy, however we had to pick just one…

Let me first list a few "Honorable Mentions." Unfortunately these students did not win the scholarship, but their submissions stood out to me for a variety of reasons. Feel free to list this Honorable Mention on your resume/portfolio:
Honorable Mention: Most Creative Idea
Student: Arwen Bloomsburg
Notes: I love his "green" idea of building multi-layer/multi-floor farms and hydroponic systems in urban areas. I would love to see this come to fruition!

Honorable Mention: Most Prepared
Student: Jonas Serra
Notes: It is so crucial to prepare for the unexpected, particularly when venturing out as an entrepreneur. Jonas has outlined his ideal plan PLUS three back-up plans for his artistic career path!

Honorable Mention: Most Social Support
Student: Christina Elizabeth Nova Macias
Notes: Christina had BY FAR the most social support for her submission; 131 Likes, 23 Tweets, and 93 Shares. Way to put yourself out there, Christina!
With those honorable mentions in mind, there was still one submission that had to take the cake. This individual had by far the most detailed submission - it was made abundantly clear that this student took the assignment very seriously and has put A LOT of thought into their artistic future. This student went above and beyond my expectations, and the idea behind the submission will open the doors of opportunity not only to this student, but potentially to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other aspiring artists.


(drumroll please...)


Congratulations Austin, please email us at with your contact information and school enrollment status so we can process the scholarship funds. Great work, and I hope to see temp-one of your Artist Guilds pop up in an urban area near me very soon! =)

And for the rest of you, I have two bits of departing wisdom:

1) Try to learn from some of these top contenders - for your own benefit, outline a more specific plan as you work toward your goals. It will make it so much easier to implement if you have very specific steps to take.
2) This contest was just one of many that we will be sponsoring - MORE SCHOLARSHIP AND CONTEST OPPORTUNITIES:

Thanks again to you all, and best of luck in your endeavors!

Eric W & Nicholas Y
Modern Abstract Decor

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