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Painted by Hand or Digital Print

All of our modern wall art is either hand-painted by professional artists or digitally designed by the artist and printed on metal or canvas.

Remodeling and Home Design

Modern Art Canvas

All of the modern wall paintings at are hand painted with acrylic paints on stretched canvases. They are not mass-produced paper prints, or even giclee prints. Each modern canvas is professionally stretched (aka “gallery wrap”) and inspected by our gallery staff, and is 100% hand-painted by our team of professional artists - immediately ready for your wall. Each artist is a passionate, highly-skilled individual specializing in modern acrylic paintings.

Unique Artistic Flair & Personality

There are countless benefits to having your modern wall artwork on a hand-painted canvas rather than a paper print. Obviously the quality is incomparable: a print does not have the texture and personality that a canvas does. Anyone with an affinity for modern wall art will understand that the life and texture comes from both the canvas itself as well as the layers of acrylic paint.

By nature of being hand-painted, our artwork also allows for slight variety and flair, making your modern painting unique, albeit with a reproduced design.

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Modern Wall Art: Canvas Stretcher Board

By keeping your modern canvas on stretcher board, you will achieve depth and texture in your new wall display, making your artistic accent more prominent and eye-catching. The art will really “jump” off the wall. As mentioned, all of our modern canvases are stretched by our professional gallery staff to ensure an even pull, thus eliminating wrinkles and waves that you might find in an amateur canvas art painting.

Modern Canvas Textures & Varieties

Depending on the modern wall painting that you select, our artists may choose from a variety of canvases that vary in texture and color. Some canvases are from a tightly-woven textile to allow a smooth surface while other artwork maintains a more textured surface. Some canvases are bleached white, while others have a more natural khaki color.

Why Acrylic Paintings? Our artists choose acrylic paints rather than oil paints for their modern art canvases for several reasons:

  • Quick Drying: Acrylic paintings dry in a fraction of the time that oil paintings dry - leading to quicker turnaround times and safer packaging and transit of your artwork.
  • Versatility: Acrylic paints can be mixed and used in a variety of ways, working wonderfully for modern wall canvases.
  • Color Integrity: Your modern art canvas will maintain the beautiful colors, as acrylic paints have proven not to fade or discolor on canvas.
  • New Modern Canvas on Your Wall

    To hang your new modern canvas art you will simply need a few nails and a hammer. Our panels do not weight enough to require drywall screws or contact with wall studs. Simply pound a few nails into the desired locations of your wall for the painting. If you purchased a multi-panel wall painting, hang each panel individually from a centered nail. All that remains is to enjoy your wonderfully unique modern art.

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