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Black Stripe Clock (25% OFF!)
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Painted by Hand or Digital Print

All of our modern wall art is either hand-painted by professional artists or digitally designed by the artist and printed on metal or canvas.

Remodeling and Home Design

Metal Wall Art | Modern/Abstract Designs on Metal

One of the fastest growing, globally-adopted modern styles is metal wall art. Using sheets of aluminum or steel as their canvas, artists have found that they can paint or print their designs with beautiful, richly colored results. The metallic undertone provides beautiful light reflection and bright, crisp designs. The symmetry and structure of the panels create a perfect balance with most modern room layouts.

On top of the aesthetic pleasures of metal wall art, there is something to be said for the durability and quality as well. The pieces are much more resistant to wear and tear, and with simple care and maintenance they will maintain their brilliance for decades.

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American Glory (35% OFF!)
American Glory 48x19 (25% OFF!)
Arizona Map Art (25% OFF!)
Arkansas Map Art (25% OFF!)
Blue Essence (48% OFF!)
Boiling Point (25% OFF!)
Bright Lights (25% OFF!)
Brilliance (25% OFF!)
Brown Essence (25% OFF!)
Butterfly (25% OFF!)
California Map Art (25% OFF!)
Cinders (25% OFF!)
City Silhouette (35% OFF!)
Colorado Map Art (25% OFF!)
Connecticut Map Art (25% OFF!)
Convex (25% OFF!)
Cool Jazz (25% OFF!)
Cyber Space (25% OFF!)
Droplets (25% OFF!)
Earth Essence (25% OFF!)
Elevations (25% OFF!)
Emerald Essence (48% OFF!)
Florida Map Art (25% OFF!)
Flower (25% OFF!)
From Dusk Till Dawn (25% OFF!)
Georgia Map Art (25% OFF!)
Golden Seasons (35% OFF!)
Golden Seasons 48x19 (25% OFF!)
Grace and Virtue (35% OFF!)
Grace and Virtue 48x19 (25% OFF!)
Green Essence (48% OFF!)
Here and There (25% OFF!)
Hot Jazz (25% OFF!)
Idaho Map Art (25% OFF!)
Illinois Map Art (25% OFF!)
Implosion (35% OFF!)
Implosion 48x19 (25% OFF!)
Indiana Map Art (25% OFF!)
Interlude (35% OFF!)
Interlude 48x19 (25% OFF!)
Iowa Map Art (25% OFF!)
Land & Sea (35% OFF!)
Land & Sea 48x19 (25% OFF!)
Maryland Map Art (25% OFF!)
Massachusetts Map Art (25% OFF!)
Metallic Facets (25% OFF!)
Metallic Flowers (25% OFF!)
Michigan Map Art (25% OFF!)
Minnesota Map Art (25% OFF!)
Molten Essence (48% OFF!)
Momentum (35% OFF!)
Momentum 48x19 (25% OFF!)
Moonlight Serenade 48x19 (25% OFF!)
Mother Earth (25% OFF!)
New Jersey Map Art (25% OFF!)
New York Map Art (25% OFF!)
North Carolina Map Art (25% OFF!)
Ocean View (35% OFF!)
Ocean View 48x19 (25% OFF!)
Orange Essence (25% OFF!)
Organic Winds (25% OFF!)
Pacific Sunset (25% OFF!)
Pennsylvania Map Art (25% OFF!)
Rainbow Seasons (35% OFF!)
Rainbow Seasons 48x19 (25% OFF!)
Rustic Columns (25% OFF!)
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