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Painted by Hand or Digital Print

All of our modern wall art is either hand-painted by professional artists or digitally designed by the artist and printed on metal or canvas.

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Abstract Paintings | Abstract Wall Art

Modern and abstract style paintings are becoming more widely appreciated throughout the world today. Walls are adorned with clever abstract canvas art across the US, Australia, Japan, Singapore, all over Europe, and frankly everywhere you go. Businesses appreciate abstract wall artwork for the bold statement it makes through bright colors and erratic patterns.

The spontaneous painting techniques employed in most abstract canvas art is a great way to highlight accent colors in a room. Whether it be a subtle way to bring your favorite color into your home, or a clever way to use corporate branding guidelines, paintings of abstract art on the wall can be the perfect contributor to your color scheme and feng shui.

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Abstract American Flag - Modern Canvas Wall Art
Aria - Abstract Teal & Grey Wall Art
Blue Door - Striped Accent Abstract Painting
Blue Splash
Blue Splash - 3 Panel
Blue Tidal Wave
Blue Wave
Blue Wave - 3 Panel
Boiling Point
Bright Lights
Cool Jazz
Copper Oxide - Abstract Cool Tone Giclee Painting
Energy - 3 Panel
Freedom - Contemporary Statue of Liberty Canvas Art
Grace and Virtue
Grace and Virtue 48x19
Green Door - Striped Accent Abstract Painting
Green Splash
Green Tidal Wave
Green Tidal Wave - 3 Panel
Heart of Gold - Blue Abstract Canvas Wall Art
Hot Jazz
Implosion 48x19
Interlude 48x19
Iron Oxide - Abstract Earth Tone Giclee Painting
Molten Essence
Moving Colours
Moving Colours - 3 Panel
Overcome - Colorful Abstract Canvas Art
Purple Splash
Rainbow Seasons
Rainbow Seasons 48x19
Red Spin
Rio - Abstract Teal & Grey Wall Art
Rise Above - Colorful Abstract Canvas Artwork
Seasonal Essence
Sensual Silhouette - Colorful Abstract Canvas Painting
Storm Color
Sunny Days
The Logical Painting - Contemporary Earth Tones Art
The Mind in Motion - Contemporary Earth Tones Art
The Red Touch
Transformations - Teal & Copper Abstract Artwork
Tropical Sunset
Tropical Sunset 48x19
Turquoise Splash
Twin Waves
Twisting Tides

Abstract Art

Abstract paintings always involve some spontaneity and creativity by the artist. Frequently the artwork is either a modification of a common subject or a seemingly random series of designs and brushstrokes left up to the imagination of the beholder as the painting hangs on the wall. Regardless of the theme of the painting, abstract wall art typically incites similar feelings of freedom, emotion and energy. An abstract painting is not held down by conventional rules. The artwork explores new designs and altered realities – expressing freedom. The usage of colors, splashes and splatters, offset lines and shapes, and other random objects in the artwork show the artist's emotion and inspire energy in those who see it. Although an abstract art painting may be entirely unique, the energy surrounding the artwork will show some consistency.

Abstract paintings are not the absolute newest form of art. Pablo Picasso's artwork is a very abstract representation of reality – also known as Cubism in his case. Although the techniques may not be new, the adaptation into our every day lives and the wide-acceptance in professional environments may be. It is now rare to visit a new, modern, sleek office building without finding abstract paintings on the wall. Perhaps one of the draws to the business world is the fact that abstract paintings give off a unique and one-of-a-kind vibe. They are easy to match because the style is neutral and there are typically several colors used in the painting. Obviously that is a generalization as abstract art comes in a wide variety of colors and styles (like black and white abstract artwork, for example.) However, it is safe to say that a blank wall in a new office with just about any color scheme would stand to improve exponentially by finding an abstract wall painting that creatively uses the colors needed to match the room.

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